Syrian, Lebanese and Mediterranean Cuisine

The Best Hummus and Falafel in Portland

We are a locally owned restaurant with an emphasis on quality food. Our menu is constantly changing and evolving with the market to provide only the freshest ingredients which you can taste in everything we make.


Our Chefs are inspired by you

kitchen ran by chef Diyana

We wanted a warm place for everyone to bring their friends and family for a great home-cooked meal, while enjoying the wonderful services our staff have to offer. Taking pride in knowing our food bring people together, by creating more strong and long lasting friendships.

We treat all our customers with the same respect regardless if their regulars or new to the restaurant, seeing smiling new faces coming in always makes coming into work that much more worth it.

Hummus Masters

we offer 6 different from scratch hummus options

  1. Jalapeno Hummus
  2. Red Chili Hummus
  3. Beets Hummus
  4. Black Olive Hummus
  5. Original Hummus
  6. Basil Hummus

We do have these preparred in to go containers for you to take home with you!

Artisan Deserts: Made in house

Explore our fresh baklava!

Pisatchio Baklava

Walnut Baklava

Peanut Butter Choclate Baklava